Adentica Family Dentists

Patient’s Rights and Responsibilities


At Adentica Family Dentists we believe that your dental care is a partnership between you and your Dentist. Our Adentica Team is here to support you and the Dentist to achieve a quality outcome. Mutual respect and open communication will ensure that your dental experience is empowering and one which you feel comfortable to recommend.  


Our promise to you:

You will receive safe and high quality dental care, provided with professional care, skill and competence.


The care provided will show respect to you, your culture, beliefs, values and personal characteristics.


You will receive open, timely and appropriate communication about your dental care and treatment options in a way you can understand.  You are encouraged to join in the decision making and ask questions to seek clarification.


Your personal privacy will be maintained and proper handling of your personal health and other information is assured.  Your information will only be shared should you agree to referral for Specialist treatment.


We look forward to receiving your feedback. Please direct feedback to your Dentist or the Practice Manager. 


As part of our partnership we expect that you will finalise your account at the end of each treatment session.  You will be provided with a treatment plan outlining our fees for any treatment recommended.  Please seek clarification from our Practice Manager or Receptionist if you have questions regarding payment.